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Leading companies usually have several advantages, such as pricing power, brand recognition and a loyal customer base. It takes time to achieve a dominant position in an industry, and maintaining that leadership position is an ongoing effort. Small businesses should first aspire to lead their respective local markets before planning for worldwide industry domination.


Our leadership is dedicated to helping the team, client and our country understand and integrate responsible leadership at all levels.
As a manufacturing company, the company has an environmental license as a condition of establishing a factory.

The company uses core board paper as raw material in producing its products. This raw material is the result of recycling used paper such as cartons, boxes and other types of paper, including waste produced by the company in its manufacturing activities. So that waste from the company is a waste that can be recycled by paper companies that produce raw materials for the company.

The company also produces environmental friendly products. Honeycomb is the alternative product that could be a substitute for wood, plastic, and cork. Honeycomb can be used to replace solid wood in furniture such as desks, room divider, door and others. Honeycomb also can be used as edge protectors for electronic goods such as refrigerators, televisions typically use corner protectors made of cork.

Energy sources used by the company other than electricity are diesel, coal and oil stored in certain places. For storing purposes, the company already has a Fuel Storage License issued by the Department of Industry Trade Cooperatives and Micro and Medium Enterprises. Fuel is stored in a special place that has been set up in such a way that is safe from potential risks that could occur such as fire, explosion, et cetera. In addition, for the placement of fuel waste, the company has obtained Temporarily Storing of Hazardous and Toxic Substances License issued by the Office of the Environment. In accordance with the license, the company put the waste that has been packed well in a temporary shelter. Furthermore, the waste of coal that was packed in a specific container is taken by a coal waste processing institution that has signed a contract with the company. Likewise with used oil, the company has been cooperating with certain institutions to take used oil available from shelters or temporary storage. A report on the handling of waste fuel conducted quarterly to the Office of the Environment.

The amount of funds spent on the environment is more or less Rp 90 million.
In labor, health and safety practices, the following are the explanations.

Employees in the company are joined in the Social Security Program (SSP) in order to cover health and safety risk, in accordance with applicable regulation.

The company provides tools such as gloves, masks, hats, emergency vehicles and others as safety means. Employees are regularly briefed and trained regarding safety in the workplace.

The company provides equal employment opportunities and brought the principle of gender equality. One example of this is the practice of overnight work for women. Therefore, the company has obtained Night Work Implementation Recommendations for Woman issued by the Department of Social Welfare, Manpower and Transmigration.

The amount of funds spent on labor practices, health and safety is roughly Rp 1.85 billion.
In an effort to provide opportunities for the community and the world of education, the company opens opportunities for students to practice field work (PKL) in the company. The company provides training programs to participants regarding administrative and production which are guided and accompanied by experienced employees. The purpose of this program is to give participants a job introduction therefore they will be ready to enter the work fields.

The company provides financial support to several schools around the company. This fund is provided to assist schools in financing activities of teaching and help ease students' tuition fee.

In Idul Adha feast, the company participated by giving some goats to the community living nearby the factory.

Total costs incurred for the development of social and community is approximately Rp 87.5 million.
The company provides a website that contains information about the company, product information, job postings and other news. The website is www.alkindo.co.id. Besides that, the company also has a dedicated staff who handle consumer complaints which can be contacted by email alkindo@alkindo.co.id or by phone 022 6028277.