Hexcell® Honeycomb Core is an eco-friendly, versatile, flexible and lightweight material that has excellent compatibility with other materials and an excellent strength-to-weight ratio. It’s flexible to combine with plywood, steel, plastics, FRP and many other materials as its sandwich faces to form some of the strongest composite panels for its weight and dimensions. It is also more economical than most materials, thereby making it an ideal choice. As a product made from recycled paper and eco-friendly glue, it is a blessing to the earth as a 100% biodegradable, non-polluting, eco-friendly material. Large scale usage of Hexcell® Honeycomb Core can drastically boost a country’s aim of preserving nature.

Honeycomb board whose surface has a printing design. Usually used for disseminating information such as advertising, product promotion and sign board.

Hexcell® Textile Board/Spacer is specifically designed and produced to meet the needs of industries that require material to the rollers of cloth, we have developed more into a flexible paper media in meeting the various needs of industries that require core facilities supporting the center as well as core support in the textile industry, in order to maintain the quality, tidiness and cleanliness of fabrics and yarns. The development of this function extends from the protector in the process of packing products made of glass or other products with high risk of being broken.

Suitable for yarn packaging or printed plastic packaging and serves to maintain the stability of the product position on the delivery process.

Suitable for packing layers in various industries such as the battery industry, electronics, furniture and logistic shipment. With the advantage of having excellent compression strength for heavy product packing, and high impact resistance.

Honeycomb board whose surface displays product information for promotional needs in advertising.



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